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Asset 3Key_Design_Final_Lines_edited.png
Asset 3Key_Design_Final_Lines_edited.png

Key and Cork Mechanism for Premium Spirits

Product Design, Materials Engineering, Haptic Feedback Integration, User-Centered Design

The innovative key and cork system, developed for a premium tequila brand, marks a significant advancement in the tequila industry, aimed at offering a distinctive and unique user experience. This system features a meticulously designed cork for each bottle produced at the distillery, ensuring exclusivity and enhancing the brand's luxury appeal. The cork comprises a two-part mechanism with a metal component that uniquely interacts with a specially designed key, alongside a synthetic part that guarantees the bottle's airtight seal, preserving the tequila's quality and integrity.

To further elevate the brand's exclusivity, the key, a necessary tool for accessing the tequila, is crafted from brass and gold-plated, symbolizing the product's premium nature. This key is exclusively distributed to select brand members, reinforcing a sense of prestige and exclusivity among consumers. By introducing this key and cork system, the brand distinguishes itself in the competitive tequila market, setting a new standard in customer engagement and product presentation, and creating a memorable, ceremonial experience for tequila enthusiasts.

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